Zoo membership

The first time I went to Woodland Park Zoo, with Ellie was in April 2019. A mom friend had a free guest pass and asked if we would like to join her for the day. Ellie had just recently turned 10 months, she didn’t care much for the animals that were far away like the giraffes or monkeys. She was however obsessed and in ore of anything that came close! We mainly got to see lots of different birds up close but we were also lucky enough to see the bears up close too.

We then went back as a family with some family friends and decide to purchase a Zoo membership. When we purchased them they were on sale for $39 each, they are usually $54 per adult and also offer different family and carer memberships. Often they have sales were the memberships are $10 or $15 off. Children under 3 are free so with Ellie still being a baby we only had to buy memberships for ourselves.

Since then we have been back several times, we’ve gone to Halloween events, visited when family’s been in town. If we are ever unsure of what to do at the weekend but want to get out of the house for a few hours, the zoo is always a great option!!

We street park and pack a lunch so it’s almost free to go. Obviously there’s the cost of fuel and the original cost of the membership but once you’ve gone 3 times it more then pays for itself. You also get half off for up to 2 guests and 10% at the gift shop.

You can also buy tickets to feed some of the animals, we’ve fed the birds which is great as it’s up close but not too scary. With some of the bigger animals like and the giraffes, we will wait until Ellie is older and only for special occasions, when and if she asks.

At membership, you can now buy passes for feeding the animals or for the carousels and when you buy the passes you save a few dollars in the long run on those experiences or riding the carousel. I would highly recommend getting a membership! It’s great for playing and learning and a great few hours or day out.

Do you have a zoo membership? Or any other memberships for your toddlers that you enjoy? We hope to check out some of the museums in our area soon.


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