Urban Decay Stay Naked The Fix Powder Foundation Voxbox from Influenster

I was gifted the new Urban Decay Stay Naked The Fix Powder Foundation by Influenster. When I first opened it I fell in love with the packaging, I know it’ll look great in my makeup bag or on my vanity, and yes I’m one of those people who care about the packaging, not just the product when spending $39 on a powder foundation.

The formula its self is great applies smoothly and leaves my face feeling soft and looking flawless when applied on top of my foundation. My only remark would be that some people may not find this full coverage, if you’re someone with perfect skin or only ever get a few blemishes you would most likely use this product alone and consider it full coverage.

I personally have rosacea and just this powder alone didn’t help mute it. I think it might work well for someone with acne to reduces the redness whilst still looking very natural. However I like my full coverage to be FULL coverage, this powder did work well for me though. I always wear foundation and powder, that for me is normal. So perhaps it’s just the coverage I’ve become used to seeing.

I do feel with this product I could wear a less heavy foundation and still get that coverage I am looking for, which is great! It layered nicely which not all powders do, I will definitely keep this in my rotation. I am personally really interested to see how it will do for me in summer, I think I’ll be able to achieve the full coverage look I like but with less product so that my makeup doesn’t feel or look too heavy.

What’s your favorite powder foundation for layering? Have you tried the Urban Decay Stay Naked The Fox Powder Foundation?

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