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I’m sure as a new or expectant mother you will have advice thrown your way by every passing person, some of which will work for you and your baby and others that won’t.

Every baby is so different and you’ll have to find what works best for you but when it’s late in the night or you’ve been up for hours on end. A piece of advice you were once offered may save your baby and you some tears.

I think all this advice comes from a good place, people just want to help you and pass on their wisdom, or what worked for them in case it could help you.

My advice on this would be to listen to everyone’s advice and take it with a grain of salt. Some you will brush off as it won’t align with your views on parenting and other advice you may not think you need but might end up being the advice that saves you both some tears.

I asked 5 mommy bloggers what their top tips would be for new and expectant mothers.

Keeping Baby awake during feeds

Clara from from Petite Capsule had to say:

Baby, in particular a newborn baby, uses a lot of her energy to breastfeed. She may get tired and have trouble staying awake to have a full feed. If so, try these breastfeeding tips for new moms to keep baby awake.

Skin-to-skin contact triggers your little one’s natural feeding instinct and encourages her to feed. Wake her up by changing her nappy before a breastfeed, and when you switch breasts. Massage the breast baby is feeding from to help trigger the let down and keep your milk flowing at a steady pace. Gently stroke baby’s head, hands and feet to stimulate her and keep her awake to feed for longer. Open the curtains and turn the lights on to ensure the room is well lit. Make noise by talking or singing to baby, or turning on the radio. You could also try putting a wet face washer on baby’s forehead. There are a number of simple but effective things you can do to keep baby awake while breastfeeding

The Benefits of Baby Massage

Rachel Hawkes from Buddha Buddies  had to say:

Mothers have been massaging their babies for thousands of years, yet it is only in the last 20 years or so that it has become part of many parents routine. This is primarily due to the increase in research that now clearly shows that massage can have many benefits to both baby and parent.

There are many amazing benefits that makes massage such an important part of early development, let’s cover my top 3 (you will love the last one!)

Well, how about touch as communication? Parents use it instinctively, we stroke our babies when they are tired or upset, we rock them to soothe them, we pat their back to reassure. Massage is yet another method of adding touch into this language. We call it the power of ‘positive touch’.

Massage can help every parent with increasing their bond. A time that you set aside just between you, your baby is the only focus. You are both able to develop that connection in a calm, relax environment.

Massage can help to regulate the heart rate and lower blood pressure, in both baby and parent – both win!

There are so many ways physically, emotionally and mentally that you and your baby can benefit from a regular massage. For more benefits you can read the full article.

Use your Bibs from the beginning

Candice from Keeping up with the Patricks had to say:

The first month of having my twin boy’s home I wish I had used bibs. A lot of moms only think of bibs when starting solid foods and I was one of them. Bibs would have saved so many outfit changes. It is so much easier to change a bib than their whole outfit. Bibs also take up less room in the diaper bag than packing 10 outfits. Wearing a bib during breastfeeding and the next 20 minutes after would have easily cut my laundry in half.

I wish I had more of the bibs that had the waterproof layer in them to prevent the clothes from getting soaked. Keeping your babies clothes dry and clean help lessen the chances of rashes and skin irritations. A clean dry baby is a happy baby. Babies spit up so much within the first month and while spilt rags help you clean up the mess; bibs help prevent it.

Healthy Sleep Habbits

Nicole from Everyday Thrifty had to say:

One of my regrets as a first-time mom was teaching my child how to sleep on her own! As new moms, the cry of our baby can completely wreck us. I was afraid of letting my baby cry and wanted to instantly soothe her every need. This applied to her preferring to be held for ALL sleep. And I was downright spent holding my 7 month old for multiple naps throughout the day thinking, “She won’t go off to sleep on her own!” With my second child, I approached his sleep habits much differently and nurtured him to sleep confidently in his own bed without requiring me to be holding him. The whole family’s sleep health is important to be at their best, this is especially true for moms! Teach your baby to sleep well on their own as they’re developing.

Nicole is the owner of Everyday Thrifty, a frugal family lifestyle blog. She’s passionate about living a debt free life and helping others to do the same.




Don't let anyone kiss your newborn

Ashleigh Davis from Ashleighs Moments had to say:

As much as you might want to please remember not to let anyone kiss your newborn. This was a tip that I received by so many people during my pregnancy and I’m so glad I listened. You always hear those horror stories and never think it’s going to happen to you but it can. As a mum, it’s also ok for you to tell people you don’t want them to do it. You are the parent and you have to look out for your baby. Kissing a newborn baby can unfortunately lead to the spread of herpes. A virus which is also commonly known as the cold sore virus or the ‘kiss of death’ in babies. For adults it’s not a big deal but for little ones with little to no immune system. It can be extremely fatal. And just think to yourself… how COMMON are cold sores.

I hope reading these tips for baby’s first months from other mamas give you some ideas to try out or that they may help you in the future. 

Make sure to check out their blogs to read more about how they survive the challenges of motherhood! If you have any tips you would like to share feel free to leave them below!

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