Mom Blogger Advice on Self-Care

Self-Care is important for everyone and as a new mom sometimes you may find that this takes a seat on the back burner. It’s always good to remember that you have to take care of yourself to take care of others.

As a new mom, I was putting all my time into my family, there was feeding my baby girl, washing and changing her, playing with her, and all those new parental responsibilities. I also felt as if the house had to be clean, laundry done and meals made, I had so much I wanted to get done and there never seemed to be enough hours in the day.

I was feeling stretched thin and that’s when I realized I needed to practice better self-care. For some self-care comes in the form of alone time, finding a hobby that brings them joy, learning to say no, and taking care of your health.

I asked a few mommy bloggers what self-care is to them.

Momma Timeout

Morgan from Grace For This Moment had to say:

As a mom it is easy to get caught up in caring for your beautiful baby that you forget about yourself. Self-care is essential to being a mom and it’s not selfish. If you can’t take care of yourself it is going to be challenging to take care of baby.

The best advice I was given on self-care was “It is ok to let your baby cry so you can gather yourself.” This doesn’t mean leaving them crying for 30 minutes. What this looks like is placing your baby somewhere safe and then stepping away. You can set a timer for a few minutes and just breathe, scream, cry or shove ice cream in your face. Whatever you need to do to help YOU.

Once that timer goes off you gather your composure and go back to your baby. I found when I did this “Momma Timeout” that I was better able to handle the situations of motherhood. Interestingly enough my babies were often calmer too. So, it’s ok to take a few minutes to yourself! 

Fill Your Cup

Renee fro The Anxious Mum had to say:

I wish that, in those early months that I had really listened to those around me that implored me to take care of myself. I spent SO much time thinking that I was “selfish” for taking a nap when my daughter did. Now that my daughter is almost two and we have a little more of a routine in place, I have figured out what kind of self care activities work best for me and how I can implement them into my day. It’s important to figure out what kind of self-care is right for you, do you need to do a physical act for yourself like a bath or hair mask, or would journalling work better? Since becoming a mother I’ve had to learn to really listen to myself to manage stress.

For self care, I like to make sure I fill my cup creatively and connect socially at least once a day. This doesn’t have to be a big thing. For me that often means getting a paragraph of a blog post written or connecting online with friends and family to share memes. It’s important to have another adult to talk to in your day and it’s important to remember what your enjoy outside of parenting.

Do Something That You Enjoy

Toni-Ann from Real Happy Mom had to say:

As a new mom, selfcare consisted of making sure that I got enough sleep and ate nutritious food. Selfcare also includes doing something that I enjoyed doing, even if that was something that my husband doesn’t enjoy. Many times moms get so caught up in being a good mom and taking care of everyone else that they forget themselves. As a result, the lose their identity. This is why it’s so important to do something that YOU enjoy at least once a week.

If you are in the place that you feel like you have lost yourself, try learning something new until you find something that you enjoy. One of my favorite places to go to learn something new is Skillshare. There are so many different things that you can learn from calligraphy to Italian cuisine.

I hope after reading what some of these mamas had to share on self-care that you’ll be able to think about and find what brings you joy. I also hope that it’ll help you feel better in knowing that you’re not alone, you don’t have to be a super mom and do it all on your own. It’s okay to ask for help or take time for yourself when you need it or want it!

Make sure to check out their blogs to read more about how they survive the challenges of motherhood!

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