Mom Bloggers Regrets from pregnancy and first year

I regretted not having more maternity photos, I had never felt more beautiful and comfortable in my body as I did when I was pregnant and I came to realize this even more after and regret not having pictures to look back on.

I regretted not having either taken more photos of my baby girl in the hospital/first 48 hours or getting a professional to do fresh 48 hour pictures. I think of myself as being quite competent with a camera and thought I would be able to capture pictures of my baby girl myself. I was exhausted and busy learning everything that came with being a new mother and dealing with my new postpartum body.

I asked blogger mamas what they regretted during pregnancy or the first years and heard what they had to say. 

Prepare yourself for the postpartum stage

Karissa from Fit Mommy Strong had to say:

I would say my biggest regret would be NOT preparing myself for the postpartum stage!

Throughout pregnancy you hear about postpartum depression, anxiety, and other perinatal mood disorders, but there’s always that wonder of “will it happen to me?!”

Unfortunately, it did. I dealt with a lot of postpartum anxiety, borderline depression that really stole the time I could’ve used to be making memories and enjoying the little moments with my son, but instead I was overwhelmed, frustrated, and felt so alone.

I missed out on simple moments like snuggling because by the time it happened, I was already so overwhelmed. I struggled trying to sleep because my mind just wouldn’t shut off.

If there’s anything I could share with a new or expecting mama, it’s to not underestimate the warnings of perinatal mood disorders. They’re very real and it’s so important to at least be aware of them so you can prepare and have the tools ready to prevent or deal with them IF they arise. Then, you can enjoy all your sweet time with your bundle of joy!

Regrets from pregnancy to first birthday

Katie Cruz had to say:

My first biggest regret was not getting pictures in the hospital. I was discharged before the hospital’s photo crew came back to see me. I wish I had setup a private photographer ahead of time. I also wish I had planned my pregnancy and my job better so I could have had more time at home with my newborn before returning to work. I returned at 8 weeks because I was only given 8 weeks of unpaid maternity leave and I saved up $0.00 before delivery. I was beyond exhausted and overwhelmed when returning to work. I scrambled to find the closest daycare to my work and I was unhappy with that too. I quit my job when my son was 6 months old, I cashed out my retirement and stayed home with my son for another 6 months. I spent time to
plan a better job that would suit my new family and touring daycare’s. I became a teacher and found a wonderful small local Montessori school that my family adores. I regret not planning work, money, and daycare more effectively.

Sleep when the baby sleeps

Candice from Keeping up with the Patricks had to say:

My biggest regret with my first child was not sleeping when she slept. It sounds so clique, but seriously sleep when the baby sleeps! I was exhausted and I would tell myself I am going to take at least one nap today. It never failed that I would get my daughter to sleep and I was thirsty or hungry so I would head to the kitchen. When I would get to the kitchen there was a mess to clean so I would clean it. When I left the clean kitchen I would walk by a pile of laundry that needed to be folded, so I would start to fold. It felt like there was always something that needed to be done and I just had to do it.

Let me tell you, that mess will always be there so please just take that nap. The mess can wait. One day you will have a clean house again but you will not get this sleep back. Sleep is so important and the biggest contributor to our “mom brain”. You will be so much happier and less stressed when you are well rested. Take a nap because raising tiny humans is not easy and you deserve it.

Hopefully, after having read some of these mamas regrets you will be a little better prepared for your pregnancy and first year with a baby and not have as many regrets.

Make sure to check out their blogs to read more about how they survive the challenges of motherhood!

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