Mom Bloggers recommended Apps for new moms

I first started looking up phone apps for moms when I was pregnant, when I had received my breast pump through my insurance it had a leaflet all about an app that tracked feeding and pumping session.

I then started looking into other apps that I thought I’d find useful. Some apps I downloaded looked around and deleted. Some I had for a short amount of time as I’d forget to use it, so I didn’t need it. Then there were certain apps I’d find myself spending lots of time on when breast feeding. Apps talking about what milestones we should be going into or with forums to talk to other mamas going through similar stages to you, and where you could look for advice or help other mamas out.

I asked some mommy bloggers which apps they loved and would recommend to new and expect mothers.

Glow Baby App

Ainsley from Momma McGovern had to say:

Glow Baby is an awesome app for parents to use for the first year (or even more!) of baby’s life. Glow Baby is like a baby memory book and tracker all wrapped in to one app. The best part? You can sync it with multiple “caretakers” so mom, dad, grandma, and the babysitter can all keep track!

Within the app you can track feedings—breast (there’s a timer and you can keep track of which side), bottle (milk or formula, how many ounces), or solids (type of food, how much, and if baby liked it). You can log dirty diapers with diaper type, poop color, and more to make sure baby is eating enough.

You can also track sleep, playtime, baths, medications, pumping, temperature, symptoms, and teething!

The coolest feature is that you can also keep track of your little one’s milestones and moments by selecting from standard monthly milestones, adding your own, or inserting pictures. Everything you log for baby reads as a timeline and can be downloaded as a PDF!

The Wonder Weeks App

Emily from The Crispy Family had to say:

Is Your Child Fussy, Clingy, and not at all like Themselves? Check out The Wonder Weeks App!

As a mom of three, I have learned my fair share of tips and tricks, but learning about The Wonder Weeks was a complete game-changer! The Wonder Weeks is a concept that centers around the idea that all babies go through 10 different periods of intense mental growth which the originators call “leaps”. After conducting years of research, the doctors outlined the specific weeks they believe these leaps occur as well as the signs/symptoms to expect and developed it into a book, website, and now a mobile app! 

Have you ever wondered, “Why doesn’t he want me to put him down?!” Check the app! In my experience, these changes in baby’s behavior almost ALWAYS points to an impending leap. But this app doesn’t just announce the leap.  It also gives great information about what your little one is accomplishing during the leap as well as how you can help them through it! It is well worth the price tag of $3.99 and available on your app store!

Tiny Beans App

Toni-Ann from Real Happy Mom had to say:

Before my son was born, my husband and I agreed that we would not share photos of our kids on social media for various reasons. The biggest problem with this is how to share pictures as our son grew with our family if we didn’t use social media. After searching for an alternative, I found Tiny Beans. Tinybeans is a free app that allows you to share photos with your family and friends. Family and friends can comment and like photos just like you would on Facebook. My favorite part was viewing the images on a calendar view and seeing flashbacks. Even if you do share your pictures on social media, this can be another way to share special moments.

Clean House App

Candice from Keeping up with the Patricks had to say:

The app I have found most helpful is an app called “Clean House”. The app helps you create a customized cleaning routine for your home. It has been a life saver. Before using this app I used to spend so much time looking around and thinking “what needs to be done?” and “How long has it been since I last did _____?” With this app I no longer ask myself these questions and that in itself has saved me so much time.

This app is very user friendly and has been my trusted sidekick in keeping my house clean. When you have kids keeping your house clean is a whole new ball game. I would know, I have 3 toddlers and yes with this app my house stays clean with the exceptions of sickness and extra mess from throwing birthday and holiday parties. If you are having a hard time keeping up with your home this app can help you stay on top of it.

Peanut App

My favorite app which you can download when you’re trying to conceive, pregnant, have a newborn or child of any age. Is Peanut, a lot of moms will describe this as tinder for mom friends. It’ll show you the rough location of a mama, her children’s ages and some interests. You can click on their profile to find out more about them and if you like them you swipe up to “wave” or down for “maybe later”. Maybe later will show you the mamas again but there are so many to chose from it’s normally a while before a profile will recur.

If you swipe up to “wave” and the other mama swipes up on you too you’ll match. There’s also forums to ask question for advice or to give advice in all areas from baby, to work, to fitness, to love life, the list goes on. There’s also groups for in your are to find and talk to moms near by, which is better when it comes to local advice, for example when asking about the best local parks or play places.

This app has so many interesting features I’d advise checking it out. Hopefully you’ll make some new mom friends, which can be hard as a new or expectant mother or even once baby is older and you’re looking to get out more.

Do you have an app you’d recommend not mentioned above? Tell us a little about it below!

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