Pottery Barn Tea Playset

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Recently I was talking to a friend about tea sets, our girls were playing with them at a play place and it just reminded me of all the tea party’s I had as a little girl and it brought back such great memories.

Ellie recently has become obsessed with tea sets! She was playing with them at friend’s houses when I first considered getting her one. Then when we went to a play place she was loving playing pretend with the cups, saucers, and teapots there.

So I thought it would make a great gift for her for Christmas. When searching I found the most beautiful set at Pottery Barn. So I ordered it online for my husband to pick up at University Village in Seattle. They had a few designs but this was my favorite and I thought Ellie would love it!

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She loves to pretend to pour tea, she will hand out cups and saucers and pour tea for everyone!!

I love that the set is tin, it’s sturdy but also beautiful and came with a lovely carry case that makes cleaning up easy. This also means Ellie always knows where her tea set is when she’s ready to play with it again.

I personally choose Ellie’s toys thinking about longevity, she’s very strong and at the time we were going to gift her the tea sets she was going to be 18 months. So I wanted to make sure it would last not only the test of time but the test of Ellie too!

Did you love tea sets when you were little? Have you brought one for your little’s yet or plan too?


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