New Year’s Day 2020

When we woke up New Year’s Day we wanted to go out and do something. One because Ellie is happiest when we get out and about and two because my husband had an extra day off and this is a rare occurrence. Whilst we were ball-parking ideas I came across a post on Facebook about Washington’s discover pass free days and that New Year was one of these days. My husband is a bit of a history enthusiast who had mentioned wanting to check out the forts in Washington, so we decided upon a day trip to Fort Casey.

We got ready and planned to leave at Ellie’s nap time in hopes she would sleep on the drive. It was roughly an hour and a half drive but a lot of it was beautiful countryside and we went over deception pass to, it was such a beautiful clear day. Ellie luckily napped 3/4 of the way.

When we got there there were many signs to let you know it was a free pass day. We bundled up and headed out of the car, surprisingly for being January 1st the weather was nice, not warm by any means but not too cold. We even had to remove Ellie’s hat as she was actually getting too warm, we spent around an hour and a half meandering around. You could tell Ellie’s favorite thing we did there was watching all the people out flying their kites.

We decided to get a ferry back, it takes roughly the same time as driving but it would allow Ellie to walk around rather than be sat in the car. This was Ellie’s first time going on a ferry, she didn’t much care for the wind bellow deck but once we’re on the main level she gestured to wanting to go outside. We thought if she didn’t enjoy the wind we could just go back inside but this time she loved it!! Giggling when hiding from the wind.

Before we knew it we were pulling up to the ferry terminal, we got back into the car and we’re home in no time! We had such fun exploring a part of the PNW we hadn’t seen yet and will definitely take advantage of another free pass day if it correlates with another day my husband happens to gets off from work.

If your looking to visit state parks in Washington I’d advise an annual pass at $30 you can’t really beat that when usually it’s $10 for a day pass. However, if you’re looking to save $$$ or only find yourself with free days to go exploring on national holidays, as this is when most of the free days are. You should check out which days are free with a free day pass and explore!


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