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The first time leaving home after having a baby can seem pretty overwhelming. You want to make sure you’re prepared for anything, whilst also not knowing what to be prepared for exactly.

Depending on the time of year leaving home for the first time can cause some anxiety, you could be worried; it’s too hot for baby, too cold for baby, worrying about all of the germs.

You also might find yourself questioning what you need and if you’re forgetting anything; extra diapers, burp cloths, clothes, toys, the list goes on! Then you stop and think about yourself; spare clothes in case baby spits up or has an accident, nursing pads, and sanitary pads.

Then once you think you’ve planned all the things you think you’ll need, you realize it no longer looks like you’re going on a short trip out with baby, it looks like you’re going on a holiday. You might start questioning if this all seems too much and if you should wait.

I asked a couple of mommy bloggers about their experiences with leaving home for the first time and top tips.

Leaving home for the first time afterr baby

Katie Cruz had to say:

Leaving home for the first time after having a baby is the strangest experience. As a new mom, I had no idea what all I needed to bring with me and pack. I was so lost! My son had jaundice and needed daily blood tests and hospital and lab visits for weeks. I believe I was in a lab or hospital everyday right after we were sent home after labor and delivery. I was not allowed to drive so I needed my husband or my father to take me and carry the baby for me. It was exhausting. I would say the biggest tip is, do not make unnecessary trips, take the time to heal and rest, and do not feel guilty for asking for help! Let others carry the carseat, drive you, carry the diaper bag, stop to get you a smoothie or water, and help you unpack when arriving back home.

Venturing back into the real world

Christina from Real Life Mama had to say:

My first venture back into the real world involved toting our ten-day-old to a winery an hour away for a friend’s tenth wedding anniversary celebration. While it may not have been our most thought through move, we did it successfully, and it was that first glimpse into how we’d survive real life with our little one.

I learned that we could handle a car ride — even if that meant pulling over in a safe area to nurse. I learned that I can nurse the baby in a place that wasn’t the comfort of my own home with usual setup. I learned that the hustle and bustle of being in public can actually aid with newborn baby’s nap/sleep during your outing, giving you a parenting break. And I re-learned that I am a fun, cheery, and talkative person, not just the tired new mom I felt like I’d turned into.

So what will you need to have on hand? Must-haves for your first outing are:
– lots of diapers, and then a couple more
– a full pack of wipes
– two extra outfits for baby
– an extra outfit for you (always a good idea in case of a milk or postpartum bleeding mishap)
– your breasts if you’re nursing (good thing those come along anyway), bottles and formula if you’re using formula
– a muslin cloth for swaddling and spit-up cleaning
– a nursing cover if wanted
– baby’s pacifier if you’re using one
– a baby wearing device to give your arms a rest (or heck, hand your babies off to your friends/family who can’t wait to hold your little cherub!)

You can do it!

Christina Furnival is a native San Diegan who loves her British stud-muffin of a husband, and is a stay-at-home Mom to their four-year-old daughter and two-year-old son. Christina is also a licensed mental health therapist (LPCC) and the founder of the motherhood blog with a therapist’s twist.

Leaving home for the first time by myself

My top tip for leaving home for the first time would be to stop questioning yourself and to push yourself to get out. You might sit questing the best time to go; before babies nap, after babies nap, maybe if I leave just before babies nap she will sleep in the car. You’re hoping your baby doesn’t spend your outing screaming and crying.

If you are lucky you may time it perfectly and have a perfectly content baby but eventually, there will be a time you want to or need to get out of the house when a baby doesn’t want too and she will cry.

Not my first time out with my baby girl but my first time out alone, just baby girl and me. Was my 6-week check-up. My little girl had been so content for our first few outings.

Firstly to push myself I had just taken my baby girl to our local store that was a five-minute walk away, no car needed, no need to get baby in and out of the car, and we were so close to home if anything was forgotten. This went amazingly, we had grocery shopping down and went several times weekly. Then we had ventured out to our local Target about a 10-minute drive away and she did so well!

I thought we had it down and that she happened to love outings. However, for my six week appointment, I would be leaving home for the first time by myself, it would be just the two of us and my doctors was a 30 minute drive away. She cried, and cried, and cried some more. I thought of stopping to check her but I knew she was fed and comfortable and if I kept stopping I’d never get there.

I would just advise going out on little excursions if possible and building up to when you need to travel further or go to bigger events.

I hope reading about leaving home for the first time by some mamas who once were in your shoes can ease your mind and give you the confidence to face that first outing head-on.

Make sure to check out their blogs to read more about how they survive the challenges of motherhood!

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