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We were gifted a Hello Highlights subscription by Ellie’s grandpa and we love them! We got our first one when Ellie was 4 months old and I would read them to her and show her the pictures.

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As Ellie gets older she now really enjoying her Hello Highlights more and more, she will flip through them herself as the pictures are bright and engaging. She will also sit with me and we will point out images, it’s the most adorable thing watching her learn what different things are. She will point at animals like ducks and say “quack” or at different things naming them as she points “apple”, “puppy”, “eyes”, “noes” and so on.

We both enjoy the stories, songs, and tips that come in the Hello Highlights books. They have little notes helping with the tunes of the songs or with suggestions for different activities that can be done with the pages.

A great thing about the Highlights books is each month there is a different theme, clothes, food, animals and these books help with learning new words and identifying different things. The pictures are so engaging too, Ellie sometimes will be over books quickly if there aren’t enough images but these books will keep her attention for a long time in comparison to most.

Ellie has a few of the Hello Highlight books all over the house, she even has some in the car to read on trips. She knows where they are and will grab for them often to look through or bring to us to read through and do the tasks with her.

Another great feature of the Hello Highlights is that they seem almost indestructible. When Ellie was younger she’d try chewing on board books fraying some of the corners or she’d rip out some of the peekaboo flaps in her peekaboo books. However her hello fresh books look as new as the day we opened them, she hasn’t been able to chew one apart or rip one yet!! And luckily for us, this book destroying faze seems to be coming to an end, so it isn’t an issue anymore. Though I knew this was a completely normal faze, it was just nice having something that almost seems indestructible to not worry about her getting a hold of.

Have you got a Hello Highlight subscription? Or High Five subscription? If so what age did you transition your subscription or are thinking of transitioning? Here’s a link to their website to find out more!


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