Hair favorites

My current hair favorites that help me take care of my hair, style, and tame it. If you were to usually see me in my day to day as a SAHM you would see my hair thrown up in a bun. However, when I leave the house even if it’s just to go to the shop I’ll do my hair as this always makes me feel a little more put together. If I have the time my favorite way to style my hair is to curling it, tight curls, loose curls, and beach waves. If I don’t have time to curl my hair I will brush it out and straighten it, my natural hair is somewhere in the unknown between straight and curl that can’t be left unstyled without looking like a lion’s main.

Thickening hair favorites

Once I’ve washed my hair and it’s still damp (towel dried), I then take into consideration what I have planned for the next few days. Where I will be going and what I will be doing and then I can know what products I’ll need. If we have plans to go anywhere or do anything where I think I’ll be taking lots of pictures, then I know I want my style to last and my hair to look as full of body for as long as possible. If this is the case then I will reach for a Thickening Lotion and Anti Gravity Spray, My current favorites are by Kevin Murphy. I always use oil after blowing drying and heat styling and will often use one on my damp hair before styling too. Recently I’ve been enjoying Redken’s Diamond Oil Blow Dry, I brought this in a travel size to try out I love the formula and scent but find this product to be a little pricey as its very comparable to less expensive alternatives.

Frizz control hair favorites

I also enjoy Living Proof styling products when I’m not using my Kevin Murphy ones on my damp hair, recently I’m loving Living Proof T.B.D multi-tasking styler. If I don’t have plans or know I’ll just be running errands I reach for my less expensive styling products, I love Not Your Mothers All Eyes On Me spray. I find it comparable to it’s a ten but the price point means I feel less guilty using it if I end up not going anywhere and it smells amazing.

Once I’ve run my product of choice through my hair I then blow it out. If I’m just staying in for the night or not styling my hair further I will run a little more of my Redkin oil through the ends to finish up.

Styling hair favorites

If I plan to heat style my hair I’ll use Not Your Mothers All Eyes On Me 10-in-1 Hair Perfector, I feel it is important to use a heat protector and this is one of the many functions of this spray. My current daily hair spray is Not Your Mothers She’s a Tease Volumizing Hairspray, If I’m curling my hair I will often spray each section before curling which can use quite a bit of product. This price of this spray and functionality gets the job done!

If I want my hair to last rather then using too much of the Not Your Mother’s hair spray, I will use Joico’s Power Spray Fast-Dry Finishing Spray. A little of this product does a lot meaning you get a great long-lasting hold without getting crispy hair!

Once I’m done styling my hair, whether I’m throwing it up in a bun, straightening, or curling it, I always finish off my style with Joico’s JoiFix Medium Finishing Spray. This finishing spray sets your look in place for the day and also helps with the look of frizz, I will spray this spray and if I have any flyaways brush my hair out or run my fingers over my hair, and its as if they’re gone!

Finishing touch hair favorites

Then the final touch, if I have a special event or just want to feel and look like I’m glowing, is to use Kevin Murphy’s Shimmer Shine repairing hair shine mist. This mist gives a great glow to your hair and my husband always compliments the smell, I think he thinks I’m wearing a different perfume!

What are your favorite hair products? I get through dry shampoo and hair spray pretty often so I am always looking to try new ones! What’s your favorite hair oil if you use one? I think I’ll be switching up my Redkin… one once I’m through it


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