Afternoon naps with Cuddle and Kind

Ellie only takes one nap a day now, usually around 12.30 pm from any when from 30 minutes upwards to a few hours. This is when I can have “me time” my me time now consists of quick showers, laundry, prepping dinner, or picking up after hurricane Ellie.

Ellie sleeps in her day bed for naps, so every now and then I’ll nap with her. She’s been teething which has lead to some rough nights meaning this mama needs a nap too!! When I’m not napping with Ellie she’s sure to have picked out a “baby” as she calls her bears and soft animals, to keep her company.

Meet Ellie’s friend Lucy the lamb from Cuddle and Kind, she was a gift from Ellie’s grandpa.

For every doll purchased 10 meals go to children in need!


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