Allergy-friendly pancakes

With Ellie’s allergies, I like adjusting recipes so they’re safe for her if you want to know more about Ellie’s allergies here’s a link to a post I did about her allergy story so far – Ellie’s Allergy journey

Let me start by saying the recipes I post about are allergy-friendly not allergy safe. So many people have different allergies to different foods and what’s safe for one person may not be for the next but hopefully, this recipe can be adjusted to work for you!!

For pancakes, we usually only need to worry about an egg replacement, though sometimes I’ll use dairy-free milk depending on what we have in our fridge.

The simplest thing I’ve found for replacing egg in pancake recipes is apple sauce. You use 1/4 cup apple sauce in place of 1 egg. This works for homemade recipes and in conjunction with store-bought mixes, we just have to check ourselves that the store-bought mix is egg-free. Sometimes I also add a dash of baking powder when using apple sauce to replace eggs in recipes, to help the recipe rise when making baked goods.

Do you or your child have allergies? If you happen to know any tricks for egg-free backing or have any go-to recipes let me know!


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