Allergy-friendly French Toast

With Ellie’s allergies, I find myself adjusting recipes so they’re safe for her if you want to know more about Ellie’s allergies here’s a link to a post I did about her allergy story –

Let me start by saying the recipes I post about are allergy-friendly not allergy safe. So many people have different allergies to different foods and what’s safe for one person may not be for the next but hopefully, this recipe can be adjusted to work for you!!

For French toast, you can leave the bread whole but I actually find it works best when cut into strips for French toast fingers. All you need is a safe bread, milk (or milk substitute for dairy allergy’s), and corn starch. You mix a quarter cup milk with a tablespoon of corn starch and mix together, you then dip you bread strips into the mixture and flip. That part you are going to want to do quickly as the bread absorbs the mixture quickly and you don’t want it to be too soggy.

You then fry in a pan with butter, you could use any butter or oil substitute depending on your allergies. Flipping once the first side is crisp if you have a large batch to make and not enough pan space you can keep the ones you’ve already cooked in the oven on a low temperature to stay warm or to crisp further.

Edit: you can add a dash of vanilla or cinnamon to your mixture before dipping your bread in for extra flavor.

Do you or your child have allergies? If you happen to know any tricks for egg-free backing or have any go-to recipes let me know!


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